Motivations. Behaviour. Data.

DNA – Diagnosis. Navigation. Action.

We’re people

Our combined expertise

Before we joined forces, we worked in different fields, using our individual expertise and perspectives to understand people-based organisations.

Coming together, we’ve developed a uniquely symbiotic and powerful approach to making sense of the human behaviours that shape every organisation.

As Naytava, we overlay the lenses of motivation, behaviour and data, revealing deeper insights about how people work, and how they can be helped to do that in easier and better ways.

We have expertise in marketing strategy, commercial innovation, data insights and transformation, and packaging and product development.

Meet our team

Naytava is led by Alison Wilde, Stephen Donajgrodzki and Paul Wolferstan.

Alison Wilde Organisational Psychologist

Alison combines her knowledge of organisational and career theory, real life experience, and coaching skills to develop strategies aimed at developing highly engaged people and high-performing cultures. Alison also designs objective focused development and training programmes to embed internal change.

Paul Wolferstan Data Strategist

Paul is an expert in measuring behaviour. As a former research scientist and digital communications specialist, Paul now applies these skills to measuring behaviours within organisations. Previously, Paul headed data strategy at global full-service agency VCCP, where he worked with clients such as O2, News UK, ASOS, Microsoft, The Economist, and Viacom.

Stephen Donajgrodzki Applied Behavioural Scientist

Stephen has more than 20 years’ experience helping shape people’s behaviour through process and communication programmes. He has designed new, and changed existing processes for corporations, governments, and agencies. Stephen previously headed behavioural science at Kellogg’s, launched the global behavioural science practice for Ipsos, set up a consultancy for Dentsu, and helped lead behaviour change at the Cabinet Office.

What some of our clients say:

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